Synthesizer V Studio Pro

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Synthesizer V Studio Pro is the flagship singing synthesis software developed by Dreamtonics.

The software combines an intuitive and flexible user interface with a powerful singing synthesis engine backed by cutting-edge technologies. Users can easily create realistic-sounding vocal covers or original songs by simply sketching out a melody and filling in the lyrics.

Pro and Basic Editions

Synthesizer V Studio is available in two editions: the Pro edition (this product) and a free Basic edition that comes with voice database purchases.
  • While having limitations on the number of tracks and rendering speed, the Basic version is good for first-time users as a learning platform, or anyone who would like to try out Synthesizer V Studio before making a purchase decision.
  • The Pro version has essential features for music production: availability as a VSTi plugin, higher levels of automation brought by advanced AI features, and cross-lingual synthesis, to name a few.
Synthesizer V Studio Basic Synthesizer V Studio Pro
Tracks Up to 3 tracks per project Unlimited
Rendering threads Up to 2 threads Unlimited
Note level Cross-lingual synthesis Not supported English, Japanese, Chinese
Auto Pitch Tuning Fixed pattern Customizable
Auto Ornamentation Not supported Customizable
Aspiration output Not supported Customizable
Note detuning Not supported Supported
Tone Shift parameter Not supported Supported
Scripting Not supported Lua, Javascript
Plugin Not supported VSTi, AudioUnit
Vocal Mode Not supported Supported
AI Retake Not supported Supported
MIDI keyboard support and Metronome Not supported Supported

Free Voice Database for Synthesizer V Studio Pro

All users of Synthesizer V Studio Pro also receive the free vocal Mai (Download). Mai is a bright and energetic feminine pop vocalist originally recorded in Japanese, but able to sing clearly in English and Chinese using the cross lingual synthesis function. With Emotional and Soft vocal modes, Mai’s singing style can be adapted to a wide variety of productions. Like other Dreamtonics voices, there is no restriction on the monetization of songs created with Mai.

Language Support

Voices for Synthesizer V Studio are available in English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. The cross-lingual synthesis feature in Synthesizer V Studio Pro further enables any AI voice to sing in a non-native language. For example, Saki AI, a voice native in Japanese, can also sing in English or Chinese given appropriate lyrics.

The user interface for Synthesizer V Studio is available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Community-contributed translations extend the support to a wider range of languages.

System Requirements

OS Windows 11/10 Mac OS X 10.13 or newer Ubuntu 20.04 or newer
CPU Intel Core i5 or newer, or equivalent AMD CPUs
Storage 1 GB+ available disk space


    • This is a digital product. The package shown in the product image is for illustrative purposes. A download link and an activation code will be delivered through email upon successful purchase.
    • This product requires a voice database to function. If you’re using Synthesizer V Studio for the first time, we recommend that you purchase the discounted editor + voice database bundle.