Wei Shu Voice Database

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Synthesizer V AI Wei Shu (native language: Cantonese) is a masculine Cantonese voice database offering a captivating blend of vocal qualities.

In the low to middle range, listeners can expect a soft, whispery, and slightly nasal quality that exudes a gentle charm. As he ventures into the middle to high range, Wei Shu confidently belts out with a powerful resonance, but without losing that inherent soft touch. This allows Wei Shu to seamlessly weave between emotive ballads and upbeat electro-pop tunes, ensuring that songwriters have a versatile tool in their musical toolkit.

With the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor, Wei Shu comes with four vocal modes to further enhance and diversify his performance: Soft, Bright, Powerful, and Subdued. Each mode has been carefully crafted to bring out a distinct vocal character, ensuring that users can find the perfect tone for any project.

And just like our other voices, thanks to Synthesizer V Studio Pro’s cross-lingual synthesis feature, Wei Shu can also sing lyrics in other languages with remarkable clarity. Dive into a world of musical possibilities with Wei Shu and let his voice elevate your creations to new heights.

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