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Synthesizer V AI ASTERIAN is a masculine English AI voice database created by Eclipsed Sounds featuring the singing vocals of professional voice actor and oktavist singer Eric Hollaway. ASTERIAN is a smooth and expressive bass vocalist that is perfect for songwriters who want to work with a striking and unique voice.

Unique to ASTERIAN’s capabilities is an impressive bass vocal range not seen before in commercially available AI vocal synthesizers. While ASTERIAN’s unparalleled performance in the bass range makes this voice database an incredible addition to a songwriter’s library on its own, the database also features a powerful and emotional upper range and a natural falsetto tone. With this range, ASTERIAN fits naturally into reference track usage, background & harmony roles, and lead vocal positions.

Users of Synthesizer V Studio Pro can get even more unique expression from ASTERIAN’s voice, with nine vocal modes to choose from: Clear, Warm, Gentle, Strained, Rough, Open, Closed, Passionate, and Theatrical. These modes vary ASTERIAN’s tone significantly, ranging in intensity from more subtle modes like Strained and Clear, to the more operatic Theatrical mode. Mixing-and-matching these modes further expands ASTERIAN’s vocal application into almost any genre.

Thanks to Dreamtonics’ industry leading cross-language synthesis technology, Synthesizer V Studio Pro users will be able to write Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese lyrics and have ASTERIAN perform them naturally. Thanks to cross-lingual synthesis, ASTERIAN’s unforgettable tone can be used across language barriers for songs around the world.

A vocal that defies limitations, ASTERIAN provides access to an incredible and professional singer ready to lend his vocals to any of your works, any time.

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