Yun Quan Voice Database

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Synthesizer V AI Yun Quan (native language: Chinese) is a feminine child voice database crafted with the impressions of a young female singer.

Designed to bring authentic and natural childlike vocals to creators, Yun Quan’s voice is imbued with the agility and grace of a young girl. Her pronunciation has the slightly muffled quality distinctive to children, perfectly embodying the innocence and cheerfulness sought after in children’s songs.

To further enhance Yun Quan’s singing synergy, Dreamtonics has identified four distinct vocal modes for her: Gentle, Unadorned, Lively, and Bright. With these modes, and the new vocal automation parameter feature available in Synthesizer V Studio Pro, her voice can naturally vary throughout a song, achieving a range of singing effects. Additionally, thanks to Synthesizer V AI’s advanced cross-lingual synthesis technology, Yun Quan can also sing songs in Japanese and English with remarkable clarity.

Disclaimer: Dreamtonics is committed to ethical and responsible practices. The voice data used to train Yun Quan’s AI model was sourced with full permissions obtained from both the young singer and their legal guardians, ensuring that all parties involved were informed and consenting.

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