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Synthesizer V AI Yuma (native language: Japanese) is a masculine Japanese voice database with a young, fresh texture and androgynous voice. With a powerful and clear mid to high range, Yuma excels at realistic singing in a wide variety of genres – from bright and energetic radio tunes to darker styles like gothic pop. In lower ranges, his voice takes on a unique breathy quality, revealing a different side of his voice entirely and opening up more possibilities for songwriters.

In Synthesizer V Studio Pro, users of Yuma have access to four distinct vocal modes- Gentle, Airy, Powerful, and Solid. With these tones at their disposal, as well as Dreamtonics’ industry leading cross-lingual synthesis function that allows Yuma to sing convincingly in English and Mandarin Chinese as well, songwriters and digital music enthusiasts alike can access a whole new level of vocal performance from Yuma.

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