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Synthesizer V AI Feng Yi is a feminine Chinese AI voice database developed and produced by Dreamtonics that provides creators with synthetic vocals capable of impressive realism and emotional expression.

With a voice based in a clear and powerful mezzo-soprano, Feng Yi is expressive and versatile, ready for the center of any piece. Whether the song is a ballad with a soothing melody or a pop song carried by a fast beat, Feng Yi can skillfully express the emotions of the songwriter.

In order to adapt to any creative needs, Feng Yi provides users of Synthesizer V Studio Pro six vocal modes to choose from: Chest, Power, Open, Opera, Soft and Airy. Of particular note is the Opera vocal mode, which gives creators worldwide access to a stylistic voice based on Peking opera, a genre unexplored by singing synthesizers until this point.

Thanks to Dreamtonics’ leading cross-language synthesis technology, in the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor Feng Yi is able to sing songs in English and Japanese with near-native ability. As a result, even creators without Chinese language knowledge can surpass the language barrier and utilize Feng Yi’s voice in their music.

Surpassing expectation and fulfilling imagination, Feng Yi can help you bring heartfelt and moving songs to their fullest expression.

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