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Synthesizer V AI Weina is a bilingual (English and Mandarin Chinese) voice database created from a close collaboration between Dreamtonics and renowned vocalist Weina Hu.

Adhering to the highest-ever standard of production, recording, and production works for Weina were conducted at Dolby Atmos-certified Ready Steady Sound! and Sound & Vision Media Studio, under the supervision of top-tier producers and a team of professional musicians.

Firmly based in the mezzo-soprano range, Weina’s voice is no short of power and richness. Be it a heartfelt verse, an outbursting chorus, a supportive backing – backed by a wide variety of vocal mode options (Delicate, Tender, Lucid, Firm, Powerful, Resonant, Firm), Weina eases through all types of genres and roles. When paired with the right choice of vocal mode, Weina displays even greater potentials in both lower and higher ranges.

Thanks to Dreamtonics’ leading cross-language synthesis technology, in Synthesizer V Studio Pro Weina is able to sing songs in Japanese with near-native ability. In the process of making, a carefully curated selection of Chinese and English songs as the training data gives Weina an extra edge of nailing the pronunciations.

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