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Synthesizer V AI SOLARIA is a feminine English AI voice database created by Eclipsed Sounds featuring the singing vocals of Broadway trained singer-songwriter and vocal coach Emma Rowley. SOLARIA has a passionate voice that is ideal for songwriters aiming for realism, versatility, and range of expression.

SOLARIA’s powerful mezzo-soprano center provides an excellent base suitable for any production, and the flexibility of the voice database lends itself well to any role, be it an additional ad-lib line, harmonies, or the lead vocal. For your work-in-progress piece, your next album, or even just the demo you send to your collaborative partners, SOLARIA can perform in each project with ease and emotion.

To work seamlessly in any composition, SOLARIA presents users of Synthesizer V Studio Pro with seven vocal modes to choose from: Clear, Soft, Airy, Power, Passionate, Solid, and Light. These vocal modes separate out the distinct tones from SOLARIA’s voice into discrete tonal options at the songwriter’s disposal, improving flexibility even further.

As a result of Dreamtonics’ impressive cross-language synthesis technology, Synthesizer V Studio Pro users can also have SOLARIA perform lyrics written in Japanese and Chinese with impressive clarity. This technology allows the unique techniques and charm of SOLARIA’s Broadway trained voice source to transcend language barriers and lend this quality to the songs of creators worldwide.

A spark for your creative spirit, SOLARIA is ready to bring a highly skilled singing voice to any of your works at the click of a button.

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      • This product requires Synthesizer V Studio to function.
      • Eclipsed Sounds customer support can be reached for inquiries specific to operation of SOLARIA at
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      • Please note that you may not use Emma Rowley’s name to identify works created with SOLARIA. For the full license terms please visit