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Synthesizer V AI Eri (native language: Japanese) emerges with a pronounced focus on rap, elevating the rhythmic and lyrical intricacies of the genre to new heights.

As a Japanese female voice, Eri is endowed with a unique versatility, capable of delivering multiple vocal textures dependent on the vocal mode. In the ‘Relaxed’ mode, Eri unveils a breathy and velvety decadence most distinct in the lower tones, while the ‘Aggressive’ mode transforms her into a figure of mature and commanding power.

Though rap-centric, Eri’s capabilities extend gracefully into singing. She excels in melodic compositions, marking effortless transitions that encapsulate a catchy pop middle range and ascend into a powerful falsetto. The ‘Focused’ and ‘Singing’ modes further diversify Eri’s vocal repertoire, ensuring adaptability and precision in expression across various musical landscapes.

Eri is a blend of the rhythmic dexterity of rap and the emotional expressiveness of singing. This unique combination equips composers with a tool that is as versatile as it is captivating, suitable for a wide array of musical creations.

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