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Synthesizer V AI Sheena introduces a female voice that embodies a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western musical aesthetics, recorded in both Japanese and English.

Sheena possesses a mature and powerful tone, intertwined with a melancholic, distinct timbre that resonates deeply, making her an excellent choice for compositions that dwell in emotional depths. With a voice tailored for the soul-stirring rhythms of R&B, soul, blues, and emotive pop, Sheena is a testament to vocal versatility, weaving through complex emotional and musical landscapes with grace.

Equipped with vocal modes including Soft, Clear, Chest, and Tense, Sheena adapts to diverse musical environments, enabling compositions to resonate with authenticity and emotional depth. Songwriters will find in Sheena a voice that not only enriches musical narratives but also transcends linguistic barriers, offering a universally appealing, emotionally resonant vocal experience.

With Sheena, the complexities of emotion and language are woven into a tapestry of sound that is as rich in texture as it is in range, offering a distinct, compelling voice that amplifies the impact of every musical piece.

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  • This is a digital product. A download link and an activation code will be delivered through email upon successful purchase.
  • This product requires Synthesizer V Studio to function.
  • Synthesizer V AI Sheena defaults to the Japanese language when loaded in Synthesizer V Studio. Access to English vocal synthesis requires Synthesizer V Studio Pro.