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Synthesizer V AI Cheng Xiao is a feminine Chinese AI voice database from Dreamtonics designed to provide creators with professional Peking Opera vocals.

As the first commercial vocal synthesis software that offers Peking Opera synthesized vocals, Cheng Xiao’s vocals are crafted to capture the special impression left by Chinese Peking Opera actresses. Using Peking Opera repertoires as samples, Cheng Xiao has a solid foundation for singing Peking opera and operatic songs, providing creators with vocals that possess a strong, resonant following and an attractive traditional Chinese flavor.

Cheng Xiao carries three different vocal modes, Open, Closed, and Resonant, to meet the needs of different types of works of singing and dubbing. Creators can explore the singing effects that fit the needs of their works through free combinations and experience the excellent controllability and good flexibility of Cheng Xiao.

As an AI voice, Cheng Xiao can perform lyrics across three languages. Using Synthesizer V AI’s leading cross-lingual synthesis technology, Cheng Xiao can sing English and Japanese songs with incredible fluency, and can seamlessly handle bilingual or trilingual melodies, opening up a wider range of possibilities for creators.

With Cheng Xiao, creators can break free from the constraints of traditional vocal samples and bring their inspiration to life. Discover the possibilities that come with this latest attempt at stylized vocal synthesis and unleash the full potential of your creativity with Cheng Xiao.

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