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Synthesizer V AI Natalie (native language: English) is a feminine English voice database with a voice that presents a soft and clear upper range as well as rich and expressive vocals on lower notes. On the highest notes in her range, Natalie smoothly transitions into a natural falsetto tone, lending a dreamy quality to her voice. These qualities make Natalie a natural fit for music with energetic backing tracks similar to those in EDM, but also allow her to flexibly perform in a wide variety of genres.

With the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor, Natalie users can also switch between five tones using the vocal modes feature: Soft, Soulful, Steady, Bold, and Warm. These different modes further extend Natalie’s genre capabilities, and provide additional expressiveness by bringing out unique vocal styles.

Thanks to Synthesizer V Studio Pro’s cross-lingual synthesis function, despite being an English native singer, Natalie can also perform lyrics written in Japanese or Mandarin Chinese to an incredible standard of clarity. With Natalie, songwriters can add a new dimension of expressiveness and vocal style to their music all on their own.

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